A lot of people think that white tigers are amazing and rare animals that need to be conserved and protected. But in reality, white tigers are not their owns species or subspecies; they are just the result of a color morph. In fact, this color morph is so rare that a white tiger has not been seen in the wild since 1958. So then why are there so many white tigers today?

All white tigers that are alive today are the result of inbreeding. The first white tiger in captivity was named Mohan. Since there were no other white tigers to have him breed with, he was first bred to an orange tiger. The he was bred to one of his daughters, which resulted in white offspring. Therefore, all white tigers that you see today and related and more white tigers can only be produced by inbreeding.

Because of this inbreeding, white tigers suffer from numerous mental and physical complications and 80% of all white tigers are still-born. White tigers suffer from problems such as reduced cognitive ability, cross eyes, cleft palates, and many other deformities. But people don’t want to see deformed tigers, so most white tigers are known as “throw-away tigers,” which means that they are either kept out of the view of the public or simply euthanized. This tiger, named Kenny, is one of the few throw-away tigers who survived to adulthood:

Not only do these practices effect white tigers, but they also effect orange tigers. Since the white tiger color morph is recessive, only one in four tigers born to a white tiger is actually white. That means that places that breed white tigers end up with three orange tigers that they don’t need. So usually, the extra tigers are simply destroyed. But since so many white tigers are still-born or deformed, that means even more white tigers need to be bred. Which causes even more orange tigers to be destroyed. According to the Big Cat Rescue in Florida, approximately 30-60 tigers are destroyed simply to get one profitable white tiger cub.

Luckily, most zoos in the United States do not breed white tigers because good zoos support conservation and do not support inbreeding or breeding animals for looks. But many circuses, amusement parks, and other places continue to breed white tigers because they make money.

The reason why I wrote this is because I want people to be aware of this issue. White tigers are not rare animals that need to be saved, but instead are money-making attractions bred by humans for humans. Dozens of tiger cubs should not be killed every year just for the sake of human entertainment. I know this is a long shot, but if people stop paying money to see white tigers, less white tigers will be bred, and less tigers will suffer from this cruel practice. Please repost this and make people aware of this issue!

Thank you for reading! Here’s more about this issue: http://bigcatrescue.org/abuse-issues/issues/white-tigers/

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